Access to Savings

Hippo Account

What happens when you cross a children’s tradition of saving money with an array of benefits and life lessons? Well, we like to call the end result the Hippo Account. It is an account designed to secure future savings for the children with a fun interest earning account specifically designed for children aged between three and 16 years old. The Hippo Account is an investment account for your children that will develop financial discipline and literacy in them from an early stage in life.

Here are some of the benefits to be gained when you open a Hippo Account:

  • Monthly standing instruction to the account, equivalent to the account opening balance of K250.
  • No restrictions on number of withdrawals
  • No monthly management fees
  • Tiered Interest rates on savings
  • No fees on Internet Banking
  • Free Accidental Life Cover of the Parent/ Guardian up to K2,500. (Cover is paid immediately on the loss of Parent/ Guardian, to minimize disruption to child’s savings.)

Find out more about the Hippo Account here.

Chilimba Savings 

It has always been a Zambian norm to pool resources with our friends or family. We have always known that the combined benefit of those resources allows the recipient to enjoy a greater benefit than they would have with only their own resources. We have tweaked the Peer-to-Peer Savings model and we are quite sure you will find it meets your short-term savings needs perfectly.

We will provide security and transparency in Peer-to-Peer Savings whilst enjoying:

  • Competitive Interest on savings
  • Accidental Life Cover for members
  • Free Monthly Statement for all transactions (E-statement)
  • Free standing orders
  • Transaction alerts

Gather your friends, make a plan to set up your Chilimba Savings and chat with your Anakadzi Banking Manager today.

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