Anakazi Banking is all about serving the unique and sadly, often unrecognized financial services needs of modern women. Never before has the need for women to juggle so many roles been as pressing as it is today. Today’s woman is a strategist, a wife, a student, a manager, a mother, a professional and all the while handling, with grace, everything that life throws at her. Anakazi Banking acknowledges these facts and brings you the banking experience that every woman deserves. Anakazi Banking is designed for women by women and aims to reward the discerning woman who reaches for the stars and has the drive to turn her dreams into a reality.

Anakazi Banking offers a dynamic bouquet of products and value-added services intended to make the banking experience of every woman an absolute breeze. From preferential banking to accounts linked to children’s savings products; from medical, education, and life cover policies to benefits and discounts at a growing range of partners. Explore everything that Anakadzi Banking has to offer, sign up and take flight into a whole new world of banking Tailor-made for Women by Women.

Anakazi Banking is committed to the Zambian Women through our partnerships with SheTrades and UnAfrica and the Global Banking Alliance.

Since joining SheTrades, Anakazi Banking through Stanbic Bank has extended the value of having access to a broad network of organisations worldwide that have the expertise and experience necessary to launch and embed a successful Women’s Market proposition to its female clients. Stanbic Bank is keen on partnering with ITC SheTrades Zambia because the initiative aligned perfectly with the bank’s desire to move women entrepreneurs in Zambia to the next level and their objectives match our commitment to women empowerment in Zambia. We believe that through concerted efforts, Zambia can eliminate the barriers to business for women and in doing so we would be helping women entrepreneurs move to the next level and reach their full potential in terms of contribution to national development.

Founded in 2000, the Financial Alliance for Women – formerly the Global Banking Alliance for Women – is a global consortium of financial institutions dedicated to supporting banks as they capture the opportunity of the women’s market, with a membership representation from more than 135 countries. Stanbic was the first financial institution in Zambia to join the Alliance, and has long been championing financial inclusion for women. In 2017 it launched Anakazi Banking, targeted at and tailored for women entrepreneurs. Stanbic Bank Zambia through Anakazi Banking has underlined the important role that banks play in unlocking the immense capacity of women to make meaningful economic and social contributions through inclusive financial services.

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